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Not Everyone Gets To Be a Teacher

Many people believe that, since the attended school, they know how to be school teachers. Very few of them are correct. However, I agree that many of them would be great at teaching ... for a day. Some would be good at it for a week. But few, and I mean very few would be good at it over the long haul. Teaching is an everyday thing. It is not a hit-and-run job. Teaching requires that you cultivate relationships and build trust and inspire confidence. This takes time. In a world built on immediate gratification, teaching and learning struggle to compete. However, the really good teachers know that learning takes place in small increments over a long period of time and that taking it step-by-step, day-by-day and paying attention to details yields the stickiest results. Teachers that pay attention to student progress every day become teachers that pay attention to their own progress every day. Trying to get better every day is the job of students and teachers and schools.

James Clear has some wonderful comments on incremental improvement and getting 1% better in various media sources here in these Google search results.


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