All Big Muscles’ workshops are hands-on, brain compatable, multi-sensory, multi-modal and interactive.


Brain research shows:  The brain’s learning abilities are increased the more multi-sensory the environment becomes.  Students given a multi-sensory activity generate more than 50 percent more creative solutions on a problem-solving activity than students who are sujected a single sensory presentation.  Big Muscles Workshops incorporate multiple senses to boost memory retention and problem solving skills.


Our workshops incorporate high level, multiple-step processes using multiple skill sets that create many opportunities to address core subject area STAAR objectives.  Discover how to capitalize on this advantage and improve STAAR preformance!



•  Reading


•  English


•  Math


•  Science


•  Social Studies


•  Core Content


•  Integrating Math & Science Skills into Career and Technical Education


•  Integrating Reading & Writing Skills into Career and Technical Education


•  Integrating Conceptual Blending and Divergent Thinking into Career and   

   Technical Education


•  Skills-Based Assessment Learning Framework




This are active workshops!  Dress comfortably, bring plenty of water, get a good night's rest and come prepared to participate!


Participants are encouraged to bring fully charged electronic devices to workshops.