Big Muscles offers education consultant services for schools and districts.  James works with administrators and teachers to create postive and effective learning environments.

Education Consultant


James Durham has experience working with all types of schools. He can identify areas of concern, then create and implement unique solutions to resolve issues.   Other services include: workshops for teachers and administrators, implementation of the Skills-Based Assessment Learning  Framework, leadership development, curriculum development, implementation strategies for and development of curriculum scope and sequence, and the  development and implementation of school and district improvement plans.


Skills-Based Assessment Learning Framework


The Skills-Based Assessment Learning Framework gives teachers and administrators a solid path to follow that is data informed, teacher lead and student driven.  It allows teachers to know which students have mastered a skill and which students are still developing or are in need of the intervention process.

The Skills-Based Assessment Learning Framework is the foundation of the assessment class James teaches at Texas Tech University.  Gain valuable insight and skills that will have an impact on your classroom.  James offers several ways to develop and implement the Skills-Based Leanring Model for schools.  Two and three day workshops are available, or James can work with individual teachers and/or teacher teams for a longer period of time if necessary.



Professional Service Provider


James Durham has been a Professional Service Provider for the State of Texas for the last 10 years.  James helps schools create and implement plans to improve when they have been labled as "improvement required" by the state or federal government. James also works with schools and districts in danger of becoming low-performing, creating plans and implementation strategies to keep them performing at the highest levels.