"James’ straightforward delivery, humility, and creative genius has inspired me to look at teaching my students in an entirely different way."

                Workshop participant


Bring the joy of teaching back to the classroom.  Big Muscles’ Workshops are brain compatible, multi-sensory, multi-modal and interactive.  Each hour is packed with activities and strategies specifically designed to be easy  implement and to make an immediate impact on student performance.
Big Muscles’ activities and strategies help you create a learning environment that is student centered, authentic and sticky.  Because lessons are active, visual and chunked, student focus and retention is increased while off-task behavior and discipline problems are decreased.  Utilizing authentic assessment strategies and TEKS-based checklists make it easier for teachers to contiually formatively assess learning at the point of instruction.

These are active, hand-on workshops!  Dress comfortably, bring plenty of water, get a good night’s rest and come prepared to participate! 

Put more muscle into your staff development with Big Muscles' Workshops! 

James Durham has experience working with all types of schools. He can identify areas of concern, then create and implement unique solutions to resolve issues.   Other services include: workshops for teachers and administrators, Skills-Based Assessment Learning  Framework, leadership development and implementation, curriculum development, implementation strategies for and development of curriculum scope and sequence, and the  development and implementation of school and district improvement plans.

Brain research shows that  the brain’s learning abilities are increased the more multi-sensory the environment becomes.  Students participating in a multi-sensory activity generate more than 50 percent more creative solutions on a problem-solving activity than students subjected to a single sensory presentation.  Big Muscles Workshops incorporate multiple senses to boost memory retention and problem solving skills.

Guide Books are available for:

•  Elementary English/Language Arts

• Middle School English/Language Arts

• High School English/Language Arts

• High School Career & Technical  



Each guide book contains STAAR TEKS and graphic organizers.  Guide Books are a great resource!